Beat the Heat

bottled water in coolerWarm temperatures, summer vacation, BBQs, and pool parties are just a few of the many reasons people anticipate summertime. But with the summertime comes the onslaught of extreme and potentially deadly weather. In fact, the Natural Resources Defense Council predicts more than 150,000 residents in 40 major U.S. cities could experience heat exhaustion within the century if people do not take more heed to climate change.

Dehydration from heat exhaustion is a serious health concern in warm weather. But there are many ways to keep the body cool during extreme heat. The most obvious prevention method is to stay out of the heat, but most people do not have the liberty of being air conditioned couch potatoes. Check out these science-based methods to stay cool in extreme heat:

Stay/Get in Shape

When the body is in good shape, its ability to adjust to changes in climate increases. When your body is in shape and is accustomed to be being in a certain temperature, it takes a longer time for it to overheat. This, in turn, allows the body to stay cooler for longer periods of time, even during high endurance activities like aerobics.

Reduce Heavy Protein Intake

Just about everyone loves a big, juicy sirloin, but reducing heavy protein meals during ultra-hot days can be beneficial. A heavy meal loaded with meats and dairy products send the body in metabolism mode, speeding up biological processes in the body and increasing your body temperature. Ever wondered why people are so tired after eating a heavy meal? It’s because the body’s internals are working up a sweat! Try consuming light meals like salads or fruits, in smaller portions 4 times a day.

Keep Pressure Points on the Body Cool

Back in the day, parents would often place a cold compress on the heads of fever-ridden children to help lower their temperatures. Science has shown that the same effect happens as an adult when cold compresses are placed on pulse points, like the wrist or neck. Keeping these spots on the body cool at least once an hour will lower your overall body temperature.

Keep your Feet Cool

The feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The feet are often the first part of the body to experience the burning tarmac or blazing sand on a hot day. Science shows that dipping feet into an icy bucket for several minutes cools the body off swiftly. The extreme cold may even take the mind off the unbearable extreme heat!