When Should I Visit a Physical Therapist?

Physical Therapist Treating Back

You’re in pain. You’re thinking, “This pain will go away on its own” or maybe you’re thinking “I’m getting older, aches and pains are normal”. The truth, you don’t have to bare through the pain. Over the counter pain medications and at home remedies might help you manage the pain in the short term, but
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Top Ranked Physical Therapy Programs for Missouri Residents

Given the fact that it is in high demand, physical therapy is a great field to go into at this time and most likely it will continue to be in the years to come. A career as a physical therapist offers many benefits, including a sizable salary. In most cases a doctorate degree is needed
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Injury Prevention in Amateur Football

Injury Prevention

The topic of football injuries has been one that is much too prevalent within the physical therapy and medical industries. This is largely because football players are much more prone to sustaining injuries due to the seemingly aggressive nature of the contact sport. However, just like any other sport, activity, or exercise, there are precautionary
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