Senior FIRST Wellness Program

As we age, many aspects of our health can deteriorate. This does not have to be the case and in fact, there are many techniques that can be implemented to allow graceful aging.

At RPI Therapy Services, we offer a variety of wellness programs to support aging in place and allow residents to maintain or regain independence.

We put seniors FIRST:niceOldMan

  • Functional Fitness Testing upon admission and then every quarter
  • Individualized Exercise Classes geared to meet the needs of your community
  • Restorative and Private Pay programs for one on one wellness
  • Specialized mobility clinics to assess assistive devices and equipment
  • Teaching and training for your residents and your staff



Wellness Services are provided by licensed therapy wellness staff in working
with the senior population.

These services are included in RPI Therapy Services’ package at
no additional charge to the community.

Restorative & Private Pay programs are billed to residents on a per unit basis.

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