Physical Therapy

service_img1Our highly skilled physical therapists work to provide effective treatment options for a variety of diagnoses including orthopedic injuries, neurological deficits, balance problems, chronic pain, and mobility problems.

After conducting a thorough evaluation, the physical therapist will develop a plan of treatment that can:

  • Improve strength through an individualized exercise program
  • Increase joint mobility following joint replacement or injury
  • Help to determine the appropriate assistive device such as a cane or walker, and train in the use of the device in order to improve safety and independence with mobility
  • Manage pain through specific modalities, manual therapy and modification of movement
  • Minimize the risk for falls and improve balance
  • Treat swelling, joint pain and weakness
  • Facilitate movement following a stroke or other neurological disease process
  • Teach compensatory techniques to help clients deal with neuropathy
  • Manage vertigo and other vestibular issues


Note: A physician’s order is required for physical therapy. Medicare and most insurances are accepted.

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