Kinesio Taping Helps Speed Up Recovery in Physical Therapy Patients

The history of Kinesio tape

A picture of a special physio tape put on an injured calf over white background
A picture of a special physio tape put on an injured calf over white background

Kinesio tape is an elastic tape that is made from a cotton strip and comes with an acrylic adhesive. This tape is commonly used to aid in the recovery of physical therapy patients. The tape was invented in 1970 by Joseph C. Komp. During the first decade of being introduced several different practitioners used the tape for their patients.

Some of these included chiropractors, acupuncturists, orthopedists as well as others in similar professions. In the second decade the Kinesio tape made its way into the Olympics and was being used by professional athletes within Japan.

How Kinesio tape is used

The tape is commonly used during physical therapy. It aids in relaxing the muscles and can also help develop under used muscles as well. Once the tape has been put in place it can be activated by using heat-sensitive glue. The glue is rubbed up and down the tape. It is recommended that you do not over stretch the tape during the application process as this may cause skin irritation. Once applied it is advised to wait at least one hour before entering into water, this includes showers, pools, baths, or any other physical activity that would induce sweating or moisture. While it is rare for skin to become irritated by using Kinesio, it is important to take care to ensure that those patients that are hypersensitive do not experience any skin irritation. The key to success is to carefully monitor for the first several hours after applying the tape to the area.

Physical attributes of the Kinesio tape

The physical attributes of the Kinesio tape are:
  • Light-weight
  • Water-proof
  • Does not restrict the range of motion in the patient
  • Decreases pain
  • Decreases swelling
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves recovery time for injured muscles, tendons, and joints as well
  • Increases performance, balance, and kinesthetic sense
  • Proven effective in the treatment of most sports related injuries

Why Patients prefer it

One of the reasons that patients say they prefer it over the traditional athletic tape is due to the elasticity of it. With the traditional tape the user was restricted in their movements. The muscles, tendons, and joints were unable to move. With the Kinesio tape the patient is able to move which means that the muscle is able to remain flexible during the healing process. This improves the circulation and the flow and has been shown to increase the healing process. As the tape increased in popularity amongst the athletes it found its way into the Olympics and quickly became the number one choice for treating sports related injuries.

Its not just for athletes

This treatment method is not just for athletes though its original is from sports related uses. The tape can be used for numerous physical therapy patients that are suffering from pain in their muscles, joints and tendons. Since the Kinesio tape helps speed the recovery in physical therapy patients, this has become an ideal solution for anyone that is currently suffering from both long term and short term pain and discomfort.

Kinesio tape is the preferred treatment option

Kinesio tape is the preferred treatment option for those that have experienced an injury related to their muscles, joints and tendons. This is due to the fact that the tape supports the patient in multiple ways. It has been shown to increase circulation and improve the health of the user. The healing process is also improved as the tape aids in increasing the circulation in the patient. Some of the added benefits of this treatment method include:

  • Improved neuromuscular movement
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Prevents injuries
  • Manages swelling
  • Freedom of motion
  • And more

Kinesiology tape is finding new uses regularly

Physical Therapy,
Physical Therapy,

The Kinesio tape is finding new uses regularly in hospitals, clinics, and other locations where patients are being treated for Smallpain. Since more people are discovering how easy it is to use and how well it works with your body to promote faster healing, it is quickly becoming the product of choice for physical therapy patients worldwide.

The color of the tape can range as well which makes it an ideal solution for physical therapy patients and athletes alike. The tapes ability to stabilize the joints and increase the healing process of the muscles has made it a favorite treatment option for sports trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors. Some of the added benefits of using this treatment option are the decreased build up of scar tissue in the injured patient. It has also been used in treating edema.

Edema Treatment

For edema treatment the tape is applied to the affected area and the Kinesio tape increases the lymphatic drainage ability. This is accomplished by lifting the skin. Since it can significantly increase the effects of edema, this is the most ideal treatment option for those that are experiencing heavy swelling effects of edema.

When used correctly Kinesio tape can prolong muscle endurance and efficiency. While the average user won’t become an Olympic runner, they will see an improvement in their running ability after treatment has been completed.

Athletic tape versus Kinesio Tape

Athletic tape is used to limit the motion of the injured joint. It is often applied to areas that have been previously injured; this tape is also worn for short periods of time. The Kinesio tape can be worn for up to 5 days and does not limit mobility in the user or injured joint.

A Unique Process

Most practitioners and users would agree that applying the Kinesio tape is a unique process and as a unique process it is not recommended for just anyone to apply it. If applied incorrectly the positive effects will less likely be felt or experienced by the user. It is highly recommended to seek support from an experienced practitioner. Often times it can be completed within a short period of time and can provide the injured user with the increased mobility that they were seeking while also improving circulation and decreasing the recovery time. There are some things that an injured user will also want to take into consideration as well and that is the fact that not all tapes are created equal.

Kinesio taping helps speed up recovery in physical therapy patients

Kinesio taping helps speed up recovery in physical therapy patients and has quickly become the preferred choice of treatment options for sports therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and others. The original applications of the tape have not only been met by have been exceeded by the growing applications available for the usage and treatment of various ailments. People from all across the globe are asking to be treated with Kinesio tape for their pain and injuries. Some are even asking for it in order to improve their overall performance and improve their muscle strength and mobility. Physical therapy patients can agree that since starting the treatments the majority experienced a decrease in pain, swelling, and have shown an increase in movement and mobility. What does the future have in store for the Kinesio tape and those that use it? All that is clear at the moment is that those who use the tape experience increased circulation, decreased swelling, faster recovery times and so much more, it has become clear why this is the preferred choice of treatment.

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