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Andrew_Kerman-4572One of the biggest benefits of our senior residential services is that patients are able to receive the treatment they need in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Senior living facility staff members and the family members of residents no longer have to concern themselves with transporting residents to and from therapy several times each week. Instead, they will acquire peace of mind knowing that RPI Therapy Services will assist residents in maintaining their independence and ultimately enable them to age in place.

In addition to convenience, here are several other benefits of RPI Therapy Service Programs:

  • Programs and treatment options aimed at assisting your residents in maintaining their independence and overall wellness.
  • Customized weekly group exercise programs that aim to regain residents’ functions, allowing them to return to their normal routine and complete day-to-day tasks independently. (These programs are offered to your facility at no cost to you. Weekly classes may include Balance/ Tai Chi, Strength and Conditioning.)
  • Individualized therapeutic exercise programs that help residents improve their physical health, cognition and stamina. As a result of this, facility staff members within communities that RPI serves, tend to experience less stress associated with tending to resident health issues, which allows them to spend more time and energy focusing on connecting and engaging with residents.
  • Increased satisfaction among the residents and their family members. Residents are often more satisfied with the overall facility, as a result of the convenient and effective services that we offer.
  • Additional staff provided at no cost to your facility. RPI will employ and provide physical, occupational and speech therapy staff members, who possess the knowledge and passion for providing the most effective treatment to your residents. We pride ourselves on our team of caring, skilled and enthusiastic professionals.
  • Billing is handled directly by RPI Therapy Services. We bill Medicare and other insurers for skilled therapy services. We also handle all of the financial arrangements directly with the resident and their family.

Note: We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans.

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