Memory Care

RPI’s rehabilitation professionals receive extensive training on meeting the needs of clients with dementia and other cognitive disorders. Our therapists can help your facility meet the needs of residents with dementia. Some of the goals for therapy may include:

  • Facilitate communication by determining the most effective method of communicating
  • Place an emphasis on a Person Centered approach and identify each resident’s Best Ability to Function
  • Minimize disruptive behaviors through positive behavioral approaches
  • Focus on what the resident can do rather than focusing on their disabilities
  • Maximize safety
  • Minimize wandering
  • Facilitate oral intake
  • Identify care that maximizes the function and wellbeing of persons with dementia and memory impairment
  • Recommend environmental adaptations to help decrease fall risk
  • Maximize independence in Activities of Daily Living
  • Improve / maintain strength and balance to help maintain ambulation skills
  • Enhance communication, minimize disruptive behaviors, and support families and caregivers

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